Colonel (Retired) J T Green OBE Regimental Secretary Royal Military Police

regimental secretary

Jeremy Green’s Royal Military Police (RMP) career was marked by a number of ‘firsts’ and one significant ‘last’. The ‘firsts’ were:

    he was the first non-Public/non-Grammar schoolboy to be awarded an Army Scholarship to Sandhurst;
    the first and only RMP Officer to attend the Intermediate Command Course at the National Police Staff College, Bramshill
    the first of only two Provost Officers ever to have commanded both specialist elements of the RMP: the Close Protection Unit (which he reformed as an independent operational sub-unit in 1996 combining both Military and Other Government Department outputs) as well as a Special Investigation Branch (SIB) Unit.

The significant ‘last’ is that he was the last Officer Commanding of the Royal Military Police Mounted Troop and with a heavy heart led the Troop into history on its disbandment on 5th March 1995.

Commissioned in August 1980, and commencing his RMP career proper in the spring of 1981 after attendance on the Regular Commissions Course, Jeremy’s record of service encompassed all aspects of ‘Provost’ at Regimental Duty and Command, including training as a Senior Investigating Officer to the Strategic Management of Complex Cases level and command of over 600 Military Policemen and women from six nations on operations.

He has served at Platoon (with the infantry), Company, Regiment, Brigade, Division and Corps levels including at Headquarters 1st (British) Corps (with its three Armoured Divisions) during the Cold War and latterly with NATO as the Provost Marshal of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps.

In the past he was assigned as the Personal Protection Officer to ‘Prisoner No7’ (Rudolph Hess); has provided Close Protection for most of the British Royal Family and no fewer than three British Prime Ministers; completed an exchange tour in Canada; served in South Africa with a Military Advisory and Training Team; and chased Pink River-Dolphins up the Amazon as part of his military duties. He established the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT), placing him at the heart of the legal challenges facing UK Defence as a result of the Iraq War and in this role gave evidence at both the High Court and in the Court of Appeal. His final task was to lead on the Provost Proposition for Army 2020.

He is father to two daughters: Charlotte, a PhD in Molecular Physiology, who is currently working at Oxford University with liver cells to investigate lipid metabolism in health and disease; and Lucinda, who has a Master’s Degree, has just moved to Copenhagen. They both take after Jeremy’s long-suffering wife of 34 years – Jane.

Retiring 3 years early in order to assume the appointment of Regimental Secretary, Jeremy’s last day of military service was, perhaps appropriately, April Fool’s Day 2013!