RMP CENTRAL BENEVOLENT FUND (CBF) (Charity Commission Registration Number 248713)

This Trust was established by a Charitable Trust Deed on 31 January 1944, as amended in January 1993, and subsequently in June 1998.  The Trust's objectives are:

a. to maintain or to increase the efficiency and esprit de corps of the Royal Military Police; and

b. in the assistance or benefit of any such person serving or having at any time served in the Royal Military Police or being dependents, wives, widows or issue or persons in the Royal Military Police as may for the time being be in need of charitable assistance or benefit.

Funding for the RMP CBF is derived from donations, legacies and investment income.

Applications for benevolent grants for serving members may be made direct to RHQ RMP or through the Unit Chain-of-Command.  All other applications are made through either the Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Airforce Association (Forces Help) (SSAFA(FH)), the Army Benevolent Fund (The Soldiers’ Charity) (ABF) or the Royal British Legion (RBL).

If you are considering gifting or donating to the RMP CBF you can download, complete and return the attached proforma:

CBF will and donation form

RMP REGIMENTAL FUND (Charity Commission Registration Number 254833)

Funding for the RMP Regimental Fund, which is an Excepted Charity under the Charities Act 1993, is derived from donations and investment income.  The objectives of the charity are to maintain or to increase the efficiency of Her Majesty's Army and particularly that of the RMP.

RMP ASSOCIATION (Charity Commission Registration Number 261630)

The RMP Association (RMPA) has its roots in the Corps of Military Police (CMP) Old Comrades Association (OCA), which was formed in January 1913, which was re-formed after the 1st World War in 1927 and continuing up to the outbreak of the 2nd World War in 1939, when its assets were frozen and were put into abeyance.  Members met annually on F.A. Cup Final Day and a dinner was held in London, followed by a parade and a march to the Cenotaph where a wreath was laid in memory of Fallen Comrades.  In March 1941, the CMP Old Comrades (War) Association (OCA (War)) was formed to fill the vacuum created by the closure of the OCA.  As now, its objectives were to help members in need and to encourage comradeship amongst the serving.  On 15th June 1946, the Royal Military Police Association (RMPA) was formed, assuming the responsibilities of the OCA (War) for over 50,000 de-mobbed CMP members, as well as those veterans who had served in CMP and its forebears before 1939.

Funding for the RMPA is derived from membership fees, donations and investment income.  The objectives of the charity are:

a. to promote the efficiency of Her Majesty's Army by:

(1)       maintaining contact between past and present members of the Royal Military Police, fostering mutual friendship between them and providing for social gatherings; and

(2)       fostering ‘esprit de corps’ comradeship and the welfare of Royal Military Police and preserving their traditions.

The RMPA today has 39 vibrant branches found across the UK, in Cyprus, Australasia and in North. America, with more envisaged.  All serving members of RMP become ‘Life Members’ on receiving their Warrant Cards as fully-fledged Military Police Officers on successful completion of their Phase 2 (Specialist Military Police) training.  As in 1913, the RMPA meets collectively once a year although individual branches meet far more frequently.

RMP MUSEUM (Charity Commission Registration Number 280060)

Funding for the RMP Museum, which is an Unincorporated Charity, is derived from donations and investment income.  The objectives of the Museum are to:

a.         maintain the traditions of the Military Police;

b.         perpetrating its deeds; and

c.         hold in trust the Corps Collection.


Details of all meetings and events related to the RMP Charities throughout the year are shown on this website on the events page, but in outline are:

a.         Church Parade and Service at the Chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula, Her Majesty’s Fortress and Tower of London - annually in February;

b.         RMP Museum Trustees - annually in February and September;

c.         RMPA AGM and Annual Reunion - annually in May;

d.         National Memorial Arboretum (NAM) Parade - annually on the first Saturday in June;

e.         RMP Central Committee (CENCO) - June and September;

f.          RMPA Committee (CENCO) - September;

g.         Provost Officers' Reunion Dinner - annually on the last Friday before Remembrance Sunday, in November;

h.         RMP and Military Provost Staff (MPS) ceremony at the Field of Remembrance, Westminster Abbey - annually on the Saturday of Remembrance Weekend, in November;

l.          RMP Cenotaph Parade - on Remembrance Sunday, in November;

j.          RMP CBF Trustees - annually June and November; and

k.         RMP Memorial Chapel Council - in December, with inter-denominational Services monthly.